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So what does a Trailer Sailer look like inside ?

Ask any Trailer Sailor to have a look see inside their boat and they'll all jump at the chance to show off their pride and joy. So join some NHTYA members as they take you on a personal tour of their boat.

Farr 6000

The Farr 6000 is of conventional solid fibreglass construction with foam and wooden stiffening in key areas and bonded in internal mouldings forming the bunks and galley. A distinctive feature is the lapstrake like mouldings of the hull, common to the other Farr trailer yachts, which give additional strength. There is enough built in bouyancy to ensure the boat will float if completely flooded. Most hulls will now be twenty years or more old and have proved over time to be robust and relatively problem free.

The rig is fractional with a large but easily managed main which gives the Farr 6000 excellent performance for its bulk. The  sail plan and class rules only allow the standard short footed high aspect jib. The medium size spinnaker can get the Farr 6000 surfing in a good breeze but is easily managed.

Sonata 7

The Sonata 7 is one of the most comfortable family cruising yachts available for medium trailer sailing. For a 23 footer it’s extremely spacious down below.

Sleeping is available for 6 berths and can accommodate an average family in complete comfort.

The separate galley includes a built-in icebox, sink, store compartment. A separate toilet compartment and storage space under all berths.

A large pop-top provides standing room and fresh air.

The cockpit is large and self draining. There are lockers built in for fuel tanks, ropes, fenders etc.

The fore-hatch is Perspex alloy framed for access to the foredeck and anchor well, as well as providing light and ventilation.

The rigging is simple masthead with all controls leading back to the cockpit.

The ballasted swing keel retracts fully into the hull requiring just a foot of water to float.

Timpenny 670

  • Safety: Timpenny 670 is very safe with built-in foam buoyancy and is virtually unsinkable, and has high stability in all weathers.

  • Handles easily: responsive to sail trim and turns on a sixpence.

  • Performance is good. BYS runs a mixture of race-types, largely based on personal handicap that gives everyone a chance to win. Timpennys do well.

  • Rig and sail handling is easy: The mast is light to raise & lower, the headsail/jib is self tacking; the sails are trimmed without needing winches

  • Cockpit is spacious: the main sail is normally sheeted to a block on the cabin roof making the deck an unencumbered space, as large as many bigger yachts.

  • Fun and accommodation: the boat floats in 15mm of water so can be broat to the beach edge for family fun, and easy cruising. The cabin is good for cruising and will accommodate four adults.

  • Maintenance is easy with a fibre glass hull and deck.

Macgregor 26M

Here is one trailable sailing boat whose most distinctive attraction is not its ability to sail. Instead it is its great ability as a fast power cruiser. 

The weathertight cabin offers full standing headroom, and comfortable accommodations for family cruising. The large sofa seats and dinette seats can be used for conversational seating, or as comfortable berths.

The galley, with lots of storage space, is on the left. It has a sink, large counter space, and room for a stove. The galley top is standard kitchen counter height.

Behind the mirrored bulkhead there is a fully enclosed head compartment. This is an absolute necessity for any voyage lasting more than a few hours.

A large double berth is forward, with a big overhead foredeck hatch for good ventilation. The table is large and sturdy, and four people can comfortably have a meal. The cabin itself will easily seat 8 or more people

Ross 780 Mk III

Arguably the pinnacle of trailer sailers. Sails fast and cruising with all the amenities expected from a larger yacht with standing room.

A bigger than king size bed is aft as well as a double v-berth and 2 quarter berths mid ships.

Stand up fully enclosed head with room for a shower.

The galley has everything you need and in the pictured model an Isothermic fridge installed. So much storage the list goes on. Of course all this does come with a price tag !

Noelex 25

The interior has a kit of clever touches The forepeak is a proper cabin: two adults can sit here in comfort while avoiding the rain (we did). The large rectangular area between the bunks is filled in by the starboard side settee backrest cushion. The backrest drops down to convert the settee eta double berth. Sleeping five adults may be a bit cramped; four and a child would be fine.

The toilet is in the forecabin, the corner behind the half bulkhead and the centrecase structure. The two-burner Maxi methylated spirits stove sits on a galley moulding which joins the centrecase. Once of this boat’s cleverest features is the slide-out two-compartment icebox fridge, which you draw out from behind the caompanionway steps. The ice box — the front bin — is 85 litres, the fridge behind is 57 litres. 

The interior styling alone will sell this boat to many. The full headliner is a fibreglass moulding with a textured finish that is indistinguishable from vinyl. the cushion covers, carpet on the hull sides, and floor carpet were all berber colour on the test boat, to complement the American Ash trim.

Cole 19

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Castle 650

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