NHTYA  Lake Maquarie & Myall Lakes Cruises

Below are planned cruises and cruise reports with a focus on our local area.

Club members have a range of local knowledge and are very keen to share their experiences and favourite spots.

Please feel free to contact us. 

July Getting Back on the Water Cruise

"To avoid cold wet feet and to celebrate the commissioning of sparkling new jetties on the lake we are going to base the cruise on visiting and using them."

July 10, 2020

Hi Everyone,

We will get away from Styles Point by mid morning and go to Wangi or to Speers Point, where there are brand new and very spacious accommodations for a great many boats, and have lunch there.
We will then sail in the glorious winter sunshine to the other where we will overnight. Lunch at Wangi and overnight at Speers Point would be the preferred option, fitting better with travel times and providing a lovely sail back to base on Sunday.
The order of operations will depend on wind conditions and if necessary we can include the almost new Valentine jetty or old but serviceable Toronto jetty in plans.


Please go to the NHTYA Facebook group to let the cruise leader know of your intentions in the events calendar. Simply say Yes, Maybe or can't make it.


latest update:

The weather (according to the Windy app) is promising to be fine and warm next weekend with light breezes going from west to south to north and finishing with a brisk noréaster on Sunday afternoon.

The plan of lunch at Wangi jetty and a sail up the lake with the wind behind is looking good at the moment. Speers Point should be perfect for overnight. Temperatures look to be quite moderate on Saturday night and warm both days.

Refer to the Facebook NHTYA Events page for details.

Regards, Graeme

Regarding dinner: At Speers point there is the Pippi's pub which has a maximum group size of 10. I'd guess it would be the same at Wangi at the clubs or pub or Thai restaurant. We can form subgroups.
Then there is always the stay safe and eat on board option. Suggestions as to your preference would probably be helpful.



Australia Day Cruise

January 2015

NHTYA traditionally celebrates Australia Day on a long-weekend extended cruise of Lake Macquarie. Depending on what day celebrations fall determines if we are able to enjoy the firework display at Speers Point from the comfort of our trailer sailers.

Jetty 'training' Cruise

March 2015

NHTYA ran a Jetty cruise to give new comers to trailer sailing experience and knowledge of various ways to berth their yachts at numerous jetties around Lake Macquarie. We coupled this of course with sailing and good company.

Frying Pan Bay Cruise

Sept 2016

There is an inlet shaped like a frypan in Frying Pan Bay on Lake Macquarie. NHTYA made the inlet a cruise destination one weekend and the sailing too didn't dissapoint. The inlet is a safe beaching for trailer sailers in all wind. Further it is a fantastic re-supply destination on the southern end of the lake. Fuel, gas, bakery, takeaway, supermarket, dumping point, playground and toilets. 

Catalina Festival cruise

October 2016

NHTYA has over recent years had a presence at the Catalina Festival, Rathmines on a Sunday. So why not combine it with sailing and a cruise ?We have the entire weekend !

Myall Lakes


NHTYA enjoys many traditions and none more so than the annual Easter cruise to the Myall Lakes. NHTYA has extensive knowledge of the great places to stay in a lake system made for trailer sailers.

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