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NHTYA  Lake Maquarie (home) cruises

On this page you'll find reports of our cruises on our glorious Lake Macquarie. We consider the lake to  be our 'home' - and many members have extensive knowledge of 'our' lake.

 Some might say why cruise on a lake we know every detail of and have 'been there before'?  Answer: we love our lake and yes we may know most if not all destinations but nothing competes with just being on the water sailing. For members; cruising on Lake Macquarie brings its own serenity and comfort that never disappoints. The lake is always changing and the same spot can be very different. Whether you're sailing with a group or not its not the destination its the journey and tranquillity sailing brings us.

Members are keen to show off 'our lake ! So if you're new to the lake or an old salt please join us on our journey. 

** You'll no doubt notice a 'gap' in our activities due to covid. However, we have a full and active program planned for 2022-23, so check it out here.


  Frying Pan Bay
    Cruise 2019

fry pan 2019.png
aust sail 22.png

   Australia day
    Cruise 2022

     Kids Ahoy
    Cruise 2021

kids ahoy.jpg
aust 21.jpg

   Australia day
    Cruise 2021

  Classic Rock
   Cruise 2019

aust day 2019.png

   Australia day
    Cruise 2019

   Love that Hat
    Cruise 2017

Australia day_edited.jpg

  Australia Day
    Cruise 2016


    Father's day
    Cruise 2018

 Frying Pan Bay
    Cruise 2016

Frying Pan_edited.jpg
jetty 2.jpeg

    Jetty training
    Cruise 2015

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