NHTYA Off The Beach (OTB) Racing


We started as a group of trailer sailors camping at Lake Keepit and sailing off the beach boats at the Keepit Cool regatta - June long weekend.

Not being regular OTB racers, we needed some practise. So our small group started meeting on the Catalina cement apron next to F-Jetty- Rathmines. 


That was a few years ago and now from 16th January 2021 racers have grown in numbers to have a seperate OTB race division within NHTYA. 

We meet once a month on a Saturday and have put a wind limit on ourselves of 15knots. If the weather is not conducive to fun, race day moves to the Sunday.  We encourage any one to come join us- drag out  an old OTB boat and have ago- lots of fun. 


Check out the Facebook page.

Of course being a NHTYA member you're encouraged to join in with other NHTYA activities and have a go on a trailer sailer !  

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Brian Harrison 
Classes Sailed
- Weta
- Maricat 4.3
- Hydra
- Windrush
- Laser
- Hobbie 16
- Quick cat

   Race dates


   - Sat 16th January 2021

   - Sat 27th February 2021

   - Sat 13th March 2021

   - Sat 10th April 2021

   - Sat 15th May 2021

  12-14 June 2021 - Keepit Cool regatta at Lake Keepit NSW. Camping sailing.

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