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NHTYA Off The Beach (OTB) Racing


We started as a group of trailer sailors camping at Lake Keepit and sailing off the beach boats at the Keepit Cool regatta - June long weekend.

Not being regular OTB racers, we needed some practise. So our small group started meeting on the Catalina cement apron next to F-Jetty- Rathmines. 


That was a few years ago and now from 16th January 2021 racers have grown in numbers to have a separate OTB race division within NHTYA. 

We meet once a month on a Saturday and have put a wind limit on ourselves of 15knots. If the weather is not conducive to fun, race day moves to the Sunday.  We encourage any one to come join us- drag out  an old OTB boat and have ago- lots of fun. 


Check out the Facebook page.

Of course being a NHTYA member you're encouraged to join in with other NHTYA

activities and have a go on a trailer sailer !  

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Brian Harrison 
Classes Sailed
- Weta
- Maricat 4.3
- Hydra
- Windrush
- Laser
- Hobbie 16
- NS14


   Race dates

We aim to race on the Saturday however, if the weather is not conducive to fun, race day moves to the Sunday (except for our last race day as we are not racing on Mother's day !)


   - SATURDAY 19/08/2023

      no racing -Audit day

   - Sat or Sun 23-24/09/2023

   - Sat or Sun 22-23/10/2023

   - Sat or Sun 18-19/11/2023

   - Sat or Sun 16-17/12/2023

   - Sat or Sun 20-21/01/2024

  -  Sat or Sun 24-25/02/2024

  -  Sat or Sun 23-24/03/2024

  -  Sat or Sun  20-21/04/2024

  -  SATURDAY  11/05/2024

     (Sun is Mother's day)

** How will you know if its a Sat or Sun? The OTB facebook page will have confirmation or call Brian on 0421979452

 ***Long weekend June 2024 - Keepit Cool regatta at Lake Keepit NSW. Camping sailing.

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