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Links NHTYA members have found interesting and useful;

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Trailer Sailer Forum

A meeting place for trailer sailer owners..

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Australia Sailing (AS)

SA is the governing body for the sport of sailing in Australia. We are a diverse not-for-profit organisation responsible for administering, promoting and developing the sport in the country


The Sonata Yacht Association (VIC)

Since 1978 the Sonata Yacht Association of Victoria has operated successfully as an association for owners of Sonata Trailerable yachts. The membership base is primarily in Victoria with members in most other states of Australia.

Our members are actively involved in both Cruising and class Racing activities. Racing activities usually occur during the annual State Titles held in Corio Bay, Victoria..

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Myall Lakes Aquatic Club

The Myall Lakes Aquatic Club is a social group who enjoy the magnificent environment of  a little known Ramsar listed aquatic wonderland called the Myall Lakes.

Members of our club share a great infinity for this exquisite environment and enjoy the curving shorelines of the interconnected Myall Lakes that gives way to unsurpassed natural beauty where you can swim, water ski, sail, fish or just relax and let those worries drift away as you watch the magnificent sunsets and socialise under the clear star-studded skies that this area is well known for.


Noelex Trailer Sailers

The Noelex family web site is an extension of the Noelex family Facebook site which is the premium place to obtain or supply information about all there is to know about the intricacies of a Noelex25 or Noelex30 yacht. The Facebook page is open to anyone owning a Noelex yacht who considers him/her to be a 'friend' of other Noelex family members. Ask questions and get answers from those who know.


Timpenny Trailable Yachts

Why a Timpenny? With many trailerable yachts to choose from on the market this a question many people ask when buying a trailerable yacht. A Timpenny has the many following desirable attributes. Before making your purchase, ask the manufacturer if the the boat has the following features;.........


Farr Trailer Yacht Association

Welcome to the web site of the Farr Trailer Yacht Association of South Australia. The Association was formed in 1980 to preserve and maintain the class rules, standards and specifications of Farr design yachts and to promote the sailing activities of owners..........


Macgregor Yachts forum

Ask a Macgregor owner. A forum for like minded owners. An extensive mods page and all you need to know about Macgregor yachts.


Magnum Yacht Association

The wealth of knowledge of long-time Magnum owners and the stories of newcomers are just some of the things you can share. Cruise in company with other Magnums, learn from educational presentations and join in the fun at dinners, BBQ's and other social events..........


SunMaid Association

The main objective of the association is to foster the SunMaid and SunBird classes of trailable yachts for the enjoyment of their owners.


Ultimate Association

Ultimate yachts are valued for their safety, versatility and the strength of the UYA. We regularly receive enquiries from prospective buyers.

The UYA is a well organised, friendly Association and members are encouraged to participate in the many activities. Members receive a quarterly magazine “Ultimo*Proximo” which contains a wealth of useful information for all Ultimate owners.

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Trailer Sailer Association of SA

The TSASA covers all classes of trailer sailers, almost any trailerable yacht that has a cabin where members may sleep and membership is open to anyone interested in trailerable yachting.


Geelong Trailable Yacht Club

GTYC Club Racing is a friendly competition that sees owners and crews learn from each other and improve their skills to get the best out of their boats.  The Handicap system allows for different boats to compete together on a levelled basis so everyone has a chance of winning if they sail their boat well.


Bayside Trailable Yacht Club (vic)

We welcome all people interested in safe cruise sailing.   Our members include many old hands and also some not so old sailors, with  years of experience in cruise yachting.  Many of our members are families with children.   We welcome families, so don't be put off, come in and join. 


Castle Yacht Association

Through the Association you can have your say in the way Yachting Victoria approaches the interests of the trailer-sailing fraternity in general and the Castle classes in particular.

We are the body responsible for the administration of the class rules and are the group that represents the class on handicapping issues. Think about those last two points when you stop to consider how well your Castle is holding its value or how well you are performing in mixed fleets. 


Careel Association

This site is for Careelers. Careelers are people who either own, want to own or have owned a Careel (once in you never leave!). Because of the numbers built and their quality there are always Careels available on the second hand market.

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Sussex Inlet & Basin Yacht Club

Sussex Inlet & Basin Yacht Club Inc. founded in 1987 is the 3rd known sailing club on St Georges Basin and is the only Club now existing, providing competitive racing in a social environment. The Club is open to all those interested in sailing actively or as a supporter of Club activities. The Club membership consists of over 30 trailer-sailers and races on most Thursdays, and Saturdays during the season October to May.


Lake Macquarie Boat Ramps and Jetties

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