NHTYA Away Cruise Reports

The following cruise reports focus on our away cruises.The majority of the following cruises are weekend cruises. We live in an area jam packed with destinations many of which are ONLY accessible if you have a trailer sailer. 

A trailer sailer opens up the best sailing areas of the country. Taking advantage of driving to destinations ranging from the Whitsundays to the Gippsland Lakes, means these prime sailing experiences are possible for a family with only 4 weeks leave a year.

Cruising with a group of like-minded friends, many of which have extensive cruising experience, is invaluable to extend your own sailing adventures.

Hawkesbury River Cruise

Feb 2016

NHTYA is blessed by its geographic location so close to lakes and river systems. For many years now NHTYA have been cruising the Hawkesbury River. A river with spectacular  scenery which changes with every twist of a river.. Absolutely wonderful.

Sydney Harbour Cruise

April 2016

Every trailer sailor has to tick this off of their bucket list. We pre-booked a berth on Cockatoo Island ensuring a spot on what can be a crowded waterway. Of course we sailed past all the landmarks.. there's something special about sailing past the Sydney Opera House or under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Hunter River Cruise


NHTYA has an extensive river system right in our own backyard. A tale of three rivers- leaving the mast behind and enjoying all a trailer sailer has to offer.... 

Whitsundays Cruise

August 2014

The Whitsundays- nothing more to say really, only everyone has to go at some stage. What better way to enjoy this Australian iconic sailing destination than with a group of like minded friends. Many club members have sailed the Whitsundays many times and are more than happy/eager to share their knowledge.

Gippsland Lakes Cruise

March 2016

NHTYA members come from varied cruising backgrounds with some interstate members settling in the area. Owning a trailer sailer opens up cruising waterways all over Australia. The Gippsland Lakes are made for trailer sailing with some towns catering with a sailing focus. 

Port Stephens Cruise

August 2016

Port Stephens is just next door- we are so lucky. Sailing the beautiful waters whilst enjoying the dolphin watching from your own trailer sailer is just special and must not be missed. 

Lake Glenbawn Cruise

November 2016

Just 2 hours away is a dam where you can sail 20 kms in one direction to secluded spots, enjoying sunsets and ever changing valley vistas....  NHTYA are planning a cruise in November 2016, why not join us.

Brisbane Waters (Gosford) Cruise

March 2015

The waters around Gosford present another river system made for trailer sailers.... winding in and around majestic homes, a truly unique cruise.

Wallis Lakes Cruise


Yes another lake system we enjoy with a tropical feel and it too is only a couple of hours away. A weekend cruise is possible and it seems like you're days from home. Pacific Palms resort- a dinner destination with a jetty out the front for yes - trailer sailers!

Murray River Cruise

To be advised 2018

Australia's most famous river- another must to tick off your bucket list. An extended river cruise, like the paddlesteamers of years gone by, we will venture down river. Experiencing the locks and river life. Unique stop overs and breathtaking views...  Club members did this cruise many years ago and 2018 is time to do it again. Around September 2018; so keep your calendar free.

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