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How does a NHTYA member  ........... ?

Below are topics and videos of how club members use their trailer sailers.

There is no wrong way just many right ways to do things. So take a look and let us know your hints and tips.

How to launch and retrieve.

And just how easy is it to launch and retrieve or even rig a trailer sailer? NHTYA is looking forward to bringing you a series of video clips showing how we do things.

How to berth and anchor

How to berth and anchor, is something many new to trailer sailing ask. NHTYA is proud to be putting together a selection of videos to show how easy it is.. coming soon.


Boat Maintenance can be never ending. So what jobs do you regularly do and what do you attempt in the winter? Just how much fibre-glassing repair can be done at home? Maintenance check list ?  What does Osmosis look like? Do you anti-foul a trailer sailer?  these questions and more to be answered soon.

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